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TAP (Train & Assign Program) is considered to be the pioneer in skills training and is unparalleled in the Service Provider Industry. It’s main objective is to address the lack of skilled consultants in the I.T industry. TAP is a mutually beneficial arrangement between SLI and the TAP candidate. Software Laboratories Inc. provides the employment opportunity plus an assurance of career advancement while the candidate invests time to gain experience and increase his market value. The TAP practically guarantees a secure future for the candidates.

After the contract has ended, the TAP trainee has only winning options to consider:

Become a regular employee of client.
Able to demand salary of choice.
Go abroad (Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, etc.)

SLI’s program has been imitated but we remain unique and more effective.

Proof is indicated by the clients who have availed of this program and continue
to do so.


by Vanessa V. Guerra
School: BS. Computer Science , Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila • 
Company: Citibank Singapore • 
Position: Programmer • 

“I started my IT career with SLI as a trainee and it opened to where I am today! I will definitely endorse SLI others who would want to start and boost their careers. Thanks SLI!”

by Melody Anne K. Cortez
School: BS. Information Technology Accenture, Polytechnic University of the Philippines • 
Position: Senior Software Engineer • 
Duration: 2 years at SLI • 

“SLI provided a training ground for me to become a better and more confident COBOL programmer. Though what we learned in school about COBOL were just the basics, SLI filled in the missing parts that geared me up and aided in my career. Moreover, while at SLI, I also met very good friends that were great help in building my goal and how to attain it.”

by Arturo Aloran
School: BS Computer Engineering Pointwest, Bulacan State University • 
Position: Software Engineer • 
Duration: 2 years at SLI • 

“SLI gives chance to those who are fresh graduates and for those who have no working experience like me. They train their employees so that they will have the necessary skills for the assignment they will be given.”

by Rodrigo Cuebillas
School: BS. Computer Engineering , Asia Pacific College • 
Position: Programmer • 
Duration: 5 years at SLI • 

“SLI provided me the best training ground for my IT programming career. So now I’m all geared up for brighter opportunities ahead.”

by Melissa F. Mendiola
School: BS. Computer Science , Polytechnic University of the Phils. • 
Company: BPI • 
Position: Programmer • 

“I was part of the Training Program provided by SLI. I can say that SLI has become a part of my career in IT. I was exposed to different work environment and
was able to learn and enrich my knowledge every time I was deployed to new clients. In my five years of stay with SLI, I just want to say Thanks be to God for having SLI as an instrument in helping me build my career. To God be the Glory.”

by Moses David Adaza
School: BS Computer Science , STI • 
Position: Cobol Cics Programmer • 

“I ‘ve always dreamt about practicing my profession in a company with an excellent working environment and provides opportunity for its employees to work offshore. A few months after graduating, SLI paved way for my dream to come true. I started with SLI in 2006 and in my almost 5 years of being under SLI I was able to travel to China, Taiwan and Iran. With SLI, career experience is extensive and truly world class!”

by Roanna Erestain
School: Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila • 
Company: UCPB • 
Position: Project Leader • 

“Right after graduating from college, SLI gave me the opportunity to start my career as a programmer. SLI trained me to become a COBOL programmer which is very in demand during that time. At the start, I had a hard time coping in training but due to dedication and good quality of the course I excel and ranked at 3rd. After the class room training they assigned me at UCPB which is to date I’m still working with. I’m very thankful to SLI that they have opened doors to my chosen career and exposed me to corporate world.”

by Mark Anthony Ringor
School: Saint Louis University • 
Company: Vishay Philippines Inc. • 
Position: Java Trainee, Web Developer • 
Duration: Jan 2007- Dec 2009 • 

“Because of SLI I was able to establish the needed experience for me to propel my career forward in the IT industry. SLI was my starting point during the time I chose to make a major career shift from engineering to IT.”

by Apolonio Noriega
School: Computer in Engineering, University of Batangas BS • 
Position: TCS • 

“After college, I got different jobs that I could say I was not contented enough to stay. And there was SLI. They offered training, job and opportunity to develop my skills and get a career that I could be proud of. I was deployed as TATA Consultancy Services Philippines and even improved my capabilities and competencies as a professional. I’ve been with SLI for almost five years now. Currently, I’m assigned in one Bank in Iran as a programmer.”

by William Delos Reyes
School: City College of Manila • 
Company: Filinvest Land Inc. • 
Position: VB. Net Trainee • 

“I took my training in SLI while I’m still at college; they were very accommodating because I still have other things to do for the school. When we are working in FLI, they periodically check for problems either from work or employer, for me they give great support to their programmer’s need. I highly recommend SLI for starting programmers. Thanks and more power to SLI.”

by Gabriel C. A quino
School: City College of Manila • 
Company: Filinvest Land Inc. • 
Position: Position: VB. Net Trinee • 
Duration: 3 years at SLI • 

“I’ve working in Filinvest Land for almost 3 years by help of software Laboratories Inc. (SLI). Now in a regular Employee in Filinvest. Thanks to SLI it really the best way to start your career.”

by Dennis Balbido
School: BS Computer Science , AMA • 
Company: Insular Life • 
Position: Systems Analyst, Cobol Trainee • 

“I’m very grateful with SLI for accepting me as one of batch July 2001 programmer trainees. The training program they offer is very ideal for new graduates who are looking for job experience. SLI takes good care of their consultants and gives excellent salary package.”

by Marissa L. Barrozo
School: Adamson University • 
Company: Banco De Oro • 
Position: Lead Programmer • 

“Though I don’t have enough programming skills after graduation. I really want to pursue an IT career as a programmer. SLI gave me that opportunity. I have worked with SLI for 6 years. Because of that work experience. I am now working as a lead Programmer with the no. 1 bank in the country.”

by Josephine Perez
School: Central Colleges of the Phils. • 
Company: Banco De Oro • 
Position: COBOL 1997 Trainee • 
Duration: 5 years at SLI • 

“I would always be grateful to SLI for giving me the opportunity to grow personally andprofessionally. My 5 year stint with them has been always full of challenges that paved the way for me to be where I am now. To SLI, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. More power to you!”

by Armando Lopez
School: AMA- 2004 BS Computer Science • 
Company: Filinvest Land Inc. • 
Position: VB. Net, • 
Duration: 3 years at SLI • 

“I applied as a programmer trainee with SLI 3 years ago (March 2008) and now I got absorbed by one of their clients, Filinvest Land Inc., here in San Juan, Metro Manila. SLI paved the way for the success that I am now having I would recommend them to my friends as well.”

by John Alexander M. Baltazar
School: Bulacan State University • 
Company: Filinvest Land Inc. • 
Position: 2008 VB. Net • 

“The best place to start your programming/ IT career. I’ll always consider myself as part of your institution. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to enter this world. I’m proud to be SLIer.”

by Charisse Fabia
School: University of the East • 
Company: Accenture Inc. • 
Position: COBOL 2005 Trainee • 
Duration: 3 years at SLI • 

“Hi I’m Cha from batch 2005. I’ve worked with SLI for 3 exciting years. Last year, I was assigned to Accenture and recently got a regular position for SSE level. Looking back, I remember the time when I decided to shift my career from Engineering to IT. Then SLI Has opened an opportunity for me to jump start my career to IT industry. I started my training with SLI and have assigned to different company. Having employed in SLI allows me to gain IT experience by working in different companies, meeting different people and equipped me to become competitive in IT industry. Many thanks to SLI and the staff for their great effort on providing an opportunity like this and for equipping me to explore the exciting career in IT.”

by Marie Mutya Taguba
School: Central Colleges of the Phils. • 
Company: Banco De Oro • 
Position: NET 2005 Trainee, JAM I • 

SLI has helped me find the right career path that I am looking for through training and job placement at a reputable company in the country. Thank you!

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